About Us

Built in 1919, Fairmount School is in its 103rd year of service to families on Bangor’s west side!  Currently Fairmount houses approximately 250 students in grades four and five, offering a wide range of instructional programs and activities that address the needs of our students and build the academic skills necessary to transition meaningfully from elementary school to middle school.

School Highlights

  • This year marks the 7th year that Fairmount has participated in the 21st Century after school program. Students had many options to choose from.  We offered clubs like homework help, walking, cooking, chess, art, gardening, indoor field hockey, French, Spanish, outside play, and many more.

  • All students attended a special presentation to see the high school band, chorus, and string students perform for about an hour and a half this spring.  This was a culminating activity for Fairmount students providing their own concert for families earlier in the year.

  • The fourth grade class put on a concert outside for first the 5th grade class, then for their families during the day in June.  Then a couple of days later, all class went on a field trip to either the disc golf course or to the Belfast City Park.

  • Members from the community came to Fairmount in January to read to different classes.  Teachers chose a picture book for the community member to read and then an activity for them to complete together.  It was nice to get back to having guests come and visit with the students for a while.

  •  For the first time, each teacher was assigned a mentor for the students in their classroom.  Every morning, from 8:50-9:10, mentors visited the classroom to participate in relationship building exercises.  This got students connected with another adult in the building and the mentor got to know different students better.